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We are working in conjunction with Rod & Sue Weeding, Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre to help save abused horses and ponies and to re-home them.

You can contact us as normal or Telephone 965 967 033 or mobile 652 021 980 to speak with Rod and Sue about any horsecare concerns you may have. Alternatively you can visit their website at or email Rod and Sue at

Caring for you and your horse in Spain - A Message from Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre

Many people on the Costa Blanca already know of us as an English equestrian tack and feed shop and we are sure some of you reading this are valued customers. We have heard many times about the cruelty and mis-use of horses. We say this is terrible or something should be done about it but really do not know what to do. We as horse lovers feel we can no longer sit back and listen so we have started the Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre.

In England if there is a horse in distress you can call some one and the animal would be rescued. In Spain there is nothing. If the authorities get involved here the horse is usually shot or worse sold as meat. We as horse lovers feel we can no longer sit back and listen so we have started the Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre. Our aim is to rescue and rehabilitate horses in need of help. Bring them back to health together with our excellent vet Julian, Give them the medication they need, micro chip and register them to us. When they are completely healthy and used to people we will try to find them good homes with caring owners on a loan basis. These horses will never be sold or be out of our control.

If for any reason the loan arrangement does not work out we will have the horse back. We are always looking for sponsors for the horses that will be with us long term for whatever reason; they can come and visit and groom them and learn basic horse care. We can also help with re-homing healthy horses if the present owner can no longer care for them. We welcome anyone who has any fund raising ideas or who would like to just come and see the horses.

It costs us 25 Euros per week to feed each horse so we need funds to help with this and to buy rugs and all the things they need, buy materials for shelters, pay vets and farriers bills .

Our aim is to rescue and rehabilitate horses. Bring them back to health and find good homes with caring owners. In the first two weeks we have saved the lives of SIX horses.

Please find the following description and pictures of the horses we have rescued so far and for whom we are seeking suitable rehoming.



I lost my eye and was in so much pain and suffering. Click for larger pic


Luciero is just three and a half years old. He lost an eye on something sharp in his stable and then the owner lost interest in him. He has stood in a semi dark stable with just having food pushed through the bars for nearly a year and then it was decided to sell him for meat.

One of our customers and the kind people of Busot have raised the money to pay the meat bill and the vet for removing the rotten eye Can you imagine being shut in a semi dark place for most of your life with only one eye and no care ? He is now living with us at Easy Horse Care Rescue where he has the space to adjust to the outside world he has never seen.




I am only young and I was rejected


Zak is a one year old Arab foal that was an unwanted member of a heard . When we first saw him he was very weak and suffering from malnutrition. He has body sores and severe hair loss.

Fortunately he is responding to balanced feeding and the care we are giving him.






img img img img
I was so weak and sore


Taffeta is a 9 year old miniature pony. When we rescued her she was so thin that from laying down her hip bones had broken through her skin. Infection set in and now she has gaping holes in both sides exposing the bones.

She has to have daily antibiotic injections and a great deal of care from us. It will take months to get her back to health but she seems as determined as we are to get her better.













I was neglected


Malibu is an 8 year old dapple grey Connemara x cob. A perfect teenagers pony. He was brought over from England, kept in a stable fed on a dusty food in a dusty environment. Now he has breathing problems.

The owner decided that they no longer had the time for him so was going to have him put down! With the right medication and care his problem is easily manageable.

All he needs is to live out and have some fresh air and proper horse feed and he can get well again.




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Feeding an injured animal will help it survive but it will not relieve its pain and suffering.  It must have veterinary care.

Donations Page now Live

Our donations page is now completely up and running after we set up our bank account and Paypal account in order to take these donations. Please feel free to use this page to make donations directly to our bank account. There are 4 options for payments.

Foster Homes Urgenty Needed

We always need Foster Homes where we can place rescued dogs whilst we search for a permanent new home for them.

Until we are able to support the funding of a Dog Sanctuary we have to rely on the kind help offered to us by Foster Carers. If you feel you can help us please contact us.