This appeal below was raised for Alfie - He was rehomed in January 2008.


My Name is Alfie I was found dodging traffic on the main road in Rojales. I was very hungry and frightened, when a man stopped his car and picked me up. Fortunately this was Trevor from Animal Aid. He took me home and gave me food and water, but unfortunately he already has four dogs, so he could not keep me. Animal Aid have now found me a place in kennels, which they have to pay for. I am a German Shepherd X, male, with a very loving nature. I just want someone to love me back. Can you give me a home?

What Is Involved In Rehoming?

Rehoming is perhaps the most important part of what we do.  As we do not have premises yet to keep dogs then we need to rehome them as soon as possible.

Once we have rescued a dog we try to place it with a foster carer until we can rehome it permanently.

We do use a commercial kennels but have limited resources.


If you are interested in giving a dog a permanent home, then please ring Linda and give her your information, ie Name, telephone number, type of animal etc.

You do not have to pay for these animals, but you do have to promise to take care of them properly. Linda will take your details and contact you when an animal becomes available. You can then view the animal, or/and visit the animal a few times, or foster the animal on a temporary basis until you are sure that you are right for each other.

Animal Aid will support you if you have any problems.








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Feeding an injured animal will help it survive but it will not relieve its pain and suffering.  It must have veterinary care.

Donations Page now Live

Our donations page is now completely up and running after we set up our bank account and Paypal account in order to take these donations. Please feel free to use this page to make donations directly to our bank account. There are 4 options for payments.

Foster Homes Urgenty Needed

We always need Foster Homes where we can place rescued dogs whilst we search for a permanent new home for them.

Until we are able to support the funding of a Dog Sanctuary we have to rely on the kind help offered to us by Foster Carers. If you feel you can help us please contact us.