Thank you for your Support from Jack and Jill.

Sponsor A Dog

Why we need Sponsors



Our eventual aim is to have our own dog kennels so we can house as many dogs as possible before rehoming.

At present we rely mainly on Laurence at Amberlodge Boarding Kennels.  We do not know what we would do without him.

Sponsoring will enable us to look after more dogs at the Amber Lodge Kennels.

How you can Sponsor



We know that not everyone is in a position to be able to take in a dog either as a foster carer or as an adopter.  So the other way you can help us is to sponsor a dog.

Another option is to sponsor a kennel. This would help us to pay for a kennel so we always have it available for emergency purposes. This is particularly useful at peak times when the kennel would otherwise be taken by people going back to England for example.

What is involved?



You pick a dog you would like to sponsor and make a weekly contribution to suit your own pocket.  This money would go towards the kennelling and feeding costs of that individual dog.

You can phone us at any time to check on the progress of your sponsored dog and once he or she is rehomed you can either cancel your sponsorship or transfer it to another deserving case.

We can set up a direct debit so you know your money will automatically be transferred to our Animal Aid account directly.

What do I do?



Choose which dog you would like to sponsor.  Then go to the donations page to start the ball rolling. Please let us know which dog you will be sponsoring or whether you want to sponsor the emergency kennel.

Dog Sanctuary


Our ongoing Appeal is for the donation of land for the building of a Dog Sanctuary.



Our eventual aim is to have dog kennels so we can house as many dogs as possible before rehoming.

At present we have to rely on foster carers until a dog can be permanently rehomed.

So the first thing we need is some land from a very kind donor or someone who could rent us some land at a reasonable cost.

Then we can fund raise for the building of dog kennels.

We will endeavor to raise funds via our appeals and until we can raise enough money, we will push forward with the Sponsor a Dog scheme.


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Feeding an injured animal will help it survive but it will not relieve its pain and suffering.  It must have veterinary care.

Donations Page now Live

Our donations page is now completely up and running after we set up our bank account and Paypal account in order to take these donations. Please feel free to use this page to make donations directly to our bank account. There are 4 options for payments.

Foster Homes Urgenty Needed

We always need Foster Homes where we can place rescued dogs whilst we search for a permanent new home for them.

Until we are able to support the funding of a Dog Sanctuary we have to rely on the kind help offered to us by Foster Carers. If you feel you can help us please contact us.