Indie Rehomed

Indie is a very loving female Cocker Spaniel who loves people and I gets on well with other animals. We vaccinated and spayed her and she was house trained. She is now with a loving home. We need your help to continue this good work.

How Can You Support Us?

Obviously the most important donation a person can make is a monetary donation .... more....  

In addition the following things are also very much appreciated in helping us in our mission.

Donations of:
  • Blankets
  • Towels for dogs
  • New Collars and Leads (not second hand ones) - we like to give rescued dogs at least a new collar and lead - we think they deserve it.
  • Food
  • Baskets
  • Bric-a-brac
Other Help
  • Organising fundraising events - either publicly or at your home
  • Fostering
  • Re-homing
  • Advertising our cause
  • Promoting our organisation
  • If you are a builder, vet, dog kennels or any other professional who feels they can help us by donating their services for free - please let us know you are out there
Being vigilant

If you see a dog suffering please do not turn a blind eye - try and help - or call us.

Please take in any dog in distress or call a vet and get help and advice.  If you can afford to fund this yourself please do so, consider it your contribution to charity. 

Report any suspected abuse of a dog to us.

Current Appeal is for the donation of land for the building of a Dog Sanctuary....more

We Try To Return Every Call

We cannot promise to resolve every situation and fulfil every eventuality, but we will certainly do our utmost. 

We do promise to try and return every call that is made to us, if we are not available to deal with your call at that particular time.


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Feeding an injured animal will help it survive but it will not relieve its pain and suffering.  It must have veterinary care.

Donations Page now Live

Our donations page is now completely up and running after we set up our bank account and Paypal account in order to take these donations. Please feel free to use this page to make donations directly to our bank account. There are 4 options for payments.

Foster Homes Urgenty Needed

We always need Foster Homes where we can place rescued dogs whilst we search for a permanent new home for them.

Until we are able to support the funding of a Dog Sanctuary we have to rely on the kind help offered to us by Foster Carers. If you feel you can help us please contact us.